Managing Organizations

All wireframes for this portion of the Compliance as Code project are available at:

The scope of this portion of the project is to allow the administrator of a known account and to fill out additional information about the account assigned to the Organization.

Much of the information about the organization will be derived from the initial sign-up process. During the sign-up process, we query Clearbit and other APIs to glean information about the organization. That information is then returned through the API and should be displayed in the various fields.


The schema for an organization is listed here:

The ERD for working with an organization looks like the diagram that follows:

Main navigation for Organization is accessed by the group icon (1) as shown in the following diagram.

Within the Organization section of the shell, sub-navigation must include capabilities to switch between this account, this organization, and all organizations (2).

Basic Info

Basic information for the organization should already exist from the Clearbit and other queries that were performed when the organization was created.

1. Core Metadata should exist and is automatically created.

2. Legal Name will exist if Clearbit data was found.

3. Names – this is an array for additional names. Additional names can be added to manually or they can be removed.

4. Social Addresses – these will exist if they were found in Clearbit data. If not, they can be manually added.

5. Organizational Hierarchy – A parent organization can be selected from existing organizations. Any child of this organization will be listed in the subsidiary list.


For now, classification is automatically applied via the returned information from Clearbit and others. At some time in the future we will create APIs for getting classification information for an organization.

Social Addresses

Some information about social addresses will be returned by Clearbit and others. The rest can be added manually.

1. Email Addresses – only addresses from the same domain as the organization, or those in the domains list can be added to the Email Address array. They can be removed at will.

2. Telephone Numbers – can be manually added or removed at will.

3. Domains – can be added and removed at will.

Postal Addresses

The primary postal address was already created during the sign-up process. It can be changed here, as well as any additional addresses can be added here.

When filled out, they must be filled out in the order of country, state, city, and then the rest of the information. This is because country, state, and city are all pop-ups, one deriving its list from the other.

1. Country API List

2. State API - List

3. City API - List


This is a listing of members. Members are added/managed through the Staff layout. Members can be navigated to by clicking on their name.

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