Auditlog information

In order to ensure that data is kept up to date, the first bit of vocabulary that must be established is the audit log for each changed record

Metadata that allows us to track the changes of any record's JSON objects by describing each object changed, its previous value and its current value. Properties from AuditLog:


Expected Type


A unique and persistent identifier for the record.

The date the record was created.

The ID of the person or agent that last modified the record.

A Boolean field of "live" (1) or "deprecated" (0).

The JSON property that has been modified.

The value of the modified_property *prior to* modification. For a new record, this value will be "null".

The value of the JSON property *after* modification. For a record that was deleted, this value will be "null."

The record ID of the record that created the audit trail.

The reason an edit was made.

The type of change that was made.

The state a change is in.

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