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The public sharing for these wireframes is:


While these are designed here in Balsamiq, we highly suggest that the components be translated into Material-UI React components, found here: https://react-material-kit.devias.io/authentication/login-unguarded.

The scope of this portion of the project is to allow known individual to sign in to the system using either an email/password combination or an Auth0 provider.

The layouts expressed in this documentation are for communication purposes only. They are not meant to provide branding guidance or even an official look-and-feel. They exist merely to convey the technical aspects of the project. Real designers will create something much more effective.

The sign in screens are presented as modal dialogs and are accessed from the home page.

Log In

Log In information is a combination of two screens, log in and forgot password.

  1. We present a link within the sign in dialog to allow the user to create an account if necessary.

  2. The user’s sign-in, if manual, is through a corporate e-mail address and associated password.

  3. We present a forgot password link for the email/password combination.

  4. If the account has this option enabled, the user can sign in through an Auth0 provider.

Forgot Password

If the user cannot remember their password, they can click a link, provide their email address, and if that address exists, can be sent an email to reset their password.

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