Those working with GRCSchema must enter text into several different JSON data types. Some of those datatypes, such as term definitions for the dictionary, or URLs, only accept certain characters. Therefore, the GRCSchema maintains a character table of acceptable characters to be used in the framework.

Character approved to be used in the schema. Properties from Character:


Expected Type


Char or Null

The single character representation of an item.

Binary or Null

The Binary numeric type.

Decimal or Null

The Decimal numeric type.

Text or Null

Information describing an item.

String or Null

Html entity code to describe an item.

Hex or Null

The hex code representation of an item.

Unicode or Null

The unicode code representation of an item.

Metadata documenting the ID and core information about a JSON Thing.

Characters is closed for voting on acceptance. If you have additional comments, please join the discussion HERE.

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