Universal Stub Thing

This document explains how Stubs are structured for lists of objects in grcschema.

Quick-start Knowledge

  • A Stub is a Thing (object) representing another Thing (object) in a list.

  • In order to know the type of Thing the Stub represents, the thing_type property is provided.

  • The properties property_name and property_value are provided from the associated Thing record for identification of the record.

  • Distinct url parameters for each Stub list may be provided to enable list filtering via query string. The documentation for each list endpoint will provide the list of acceptable query string parameters.

Stub - Schema Object Definition

  "@context": "http://grcschema.org/",
  "@type": "Stub",
  "id": "Integer",
  "property_name": "String",
  "property_value": "String",
  "thing_type": "String"

Where property_name is the property IN the target object, property_value is the value of that property, and thing_type is the type of object the stub represents.

Stub - Schema Object Example

  "@context": "http://grcschema.org/",
  "@type": "Stub",
  "id": 38,
  "property_name": "full_name",
  "property_value": "Dorian Cougias",
  "thing_type": "Person"

The Stub represents a Person Thing (object) using the Person.full_name property.

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